While most professional bloggers host their blogs on their own dedicated websites, this can be daunting for the fresh blogger who perhaps doesn’t have the confidence to build a website from scratch. Another consideration is the cost of your web address and hosting. But you can make still make money blogging using these free sites to host your website. 

In this article, we will compare the best free blogging websites and platforms to begin building your site.


WordPress.com is one of the biggest free blogging platforms on the web. It allows you to create any number of free WordPress based Blogs.


Blogger.com is another giant of the blogging world. This offering from Google is a great free blogging service, which lets you create a basic blog on their platform. While Blogger doesn’t offer the same range of features as WordPress, you can still create a powerful blog. Once you are ready for your own domain name, it’s easy to point it towards your blog and have your website hosted for free by Google.

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